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Order Forms

Order Forms

HID Order Forms

When ordering HID Cards from us, please use the one of the HID Order Forms below. These forms are not only helpful in ensuring that you order the correct HID product, but are also useful in configuring the best options for you.

Completed forms should be faxed to (714) 532-4234.

If you need additional assistance of any type, such as which type of cards you need or which form you need, please call us at (714) 922-1140.

Proximity Card Order Forms
1326 ProxCard II
1336/1536 DUOProx Card II
1346 ProxKey III
1351 ProxPass II
1386/1586 ISOProx II
1391 MicroProx Tag
1597 Smart ISOProx Card
1598 Smart DUOProx Card II
Style 168/169 ProxCard Plus
iClass Order Forms
200/210 iClass Card
202/212 Combination (iClass/Prox) Card
204 iClass Wiegand Card
205 iClass Key
206 iClass Tag
208 iClass Clamshell
iCLASS SE Card Order Forms
300/305 iCLASS SE Card
310/315 iCLASS SE Prox Card
325 iCLASS SE Card
330 iCLASS SE Card
340/345 MIFARE Classic SE Card
350/355 iCLASS SE SIO MIFARE/Prox Card
370/375 MIFARE DESFire EV1 SE Card
380/385 iCLASS SE SIO MIFARE DESFire EV1/Prox Card
390/391 iCLASS SE Card
395/396 iCLASS SE Card
3350 iCLASS SE Clamshell Card
iCLASS Seos Card Order Forms
500 iCLASS Seos Card
MiFARE/DESFire Order Forms
1430/1440/1436/1446 MiFARE Card
1431/1441/1437/1447 Combination (MiFARE/Prox) Card
1434/1444 MiFARE Keyfob
1435/1445 MiFARE Adhesive
1450/1456 DESFire Card
1451/1457 Combination (DESFire/Prox) Card
Indala Ordering Guides
Flex Keytag
Flex Card
CX Keytag
FlexPass ContactChip
FlexPass Format
FlexPass Multi Technology
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