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HID 205X iCLASS Contactless Smart Keys (P/N 2050PNNSN)

*Note. Picture of P/N 2050PNNSN is NOT an image of actual product.

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HID 205X iCLASS Contactless Smart Keys, 2K Bits (256 Bytes) with 2 Application Areas, Programmed iCLASS (Specify Programming Information), iCLASS Key II Black with Blue Insert Front (includes HID Standard Artwork), Sequential Internal/Sequential Non-Matching External Card Numbering (Inkjetted), No Slot Punch, 100 Key Fobs/Pack. NON-RETURNABLE. (M140408)

The iCLASS Key provides the security and convenience of iCLASS 13.56 Mhz contactless smart card technology in a molded plastic key fob that is durable in harsh environments. This credential can be placed on a key ring or lanyard for access control applications that do not require a Photo ID. iCLASS was specifically designed to make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more secure. iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability in applications such as access control, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance, event management and biometric identification.


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Manufacturer HID
Product Model HID 205x iCLASS SmartKey
Form Factor N/A
Technology HID iCLASS
HID iCLASS Contactless Smart Key
General Specifications
Base Part Number:

2050, 2051, 2052, 2053, 2054


1.555 x 1.25 x 0.235 inches max (3.95 x 3.18 x 0.60 cm)

Typical Maximum
Read Range:
R10 2” (5.1 cm)
RP15 1 3/4” (4.6 cm)
R30/RW300 2 1/4” (5.9 cm)
R40/RW400 2 3/4” (7.0 cm)
RK40/RWK400 2” (5.1 cm)
RP40 2 1/2” (6.6 cm)
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