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TM-J2000-2100 Receipt Printers

Epson TM-J2000-2100 Receipt Printers

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The Epson TM-J2100 and TM-J2000 printers let you print high-resolution one- and two-color logos, coupons, bar code, and more on customer receipts much faster and more clearly than any other ink jet printers on the market. For high-impact graphics and marketing messages that showcase your brand identity, no other ink jet printers come close.

Additional Epson TM-J2000-2100 Receipt Printers Product Information

Superior ink jet printing technology

EPSONs new generation, patented SEAJet™ (Static Electricity Actuated) technology is the most advanced ink jet technology available today. A precision nozzle produces a very high concentration of uniform dots, unlike thermal ink jet technology that sprays fewer, more irregular dots. The results are clearly visible: crisp, clear, easy-toread graphics, bar code and text.

More than twice as fast as other POS ink jet printers

The TM-J2100 and TM-J2000 printers offer the highest printing speed of any POS ink jet printer you can buyup to 17 lines per second, or more than twice as fast as the closest competitor. Unlike other ink jets, you can print bar codes, coupons and complex graphics at top speed, without causing customers to wait.

Unmatched clarity plus color

Only the TM-J2100 brings you color print quality this high: 180 dpi standard resolution for graphics and bar codes and 360 dpi in high resolution modea significantly higher dot density than any other POS ink jet printer. Brighter, better-looking logos, pictures, and graphics strengthen your marketing message. You can choose from red/black, blue/black, or green/black ink combinations.

Lower total cost of ownership

The greater your printing volume, the more EPSONs POS ink jet printers reduce your total cost of ownership. The TM-J2100 has an autocutter life of 2 million cuts and an MCBF of 50 million linesfar more reliable than any other POS ink jet printer. Its color cartridge lasts up to 17 million characters, longer than any other two color POS ink jet printer. Its built-in counter monitors printer functions to simplify maintenance. In addition, with EPSONs exclusive SEAJet technology, youll consume at least 40% less power, a significant savings over the life of your printers.

Easier and more flexible to use

The TM-J2100 and TM-J2000 offer fast, smooth and reliable operation in rugged retail and restaurant environments. They have small footprints and easy, drop-in paper and cartridge loading. Theyre quietideal in hospitality environments. Ink nearend detectors display remaining black and color cartridge life, preventing wasteful printing of blank receipts. You can use paper in widths of 57.5, 69.5, 76, or 82.5 mm. The autocutter can be set to full or partial cut. Thanks to EPSONs exclusive Connect-It™ interface options, both the TM-J2100 and TM-J2000 are compatible with todays best-of-breed and component based systems.

  • EPSONs patented SEAJet™ technology produces the crispest, clearest ink jet printing available
  • Faster printing speeds than any other POS ink jet printer on the market
  • Up to 360-dpi color printing for high resolution graphics and bar codes
  • Long-life, highly reliable printer components for low total cost of ownership
  • Easy-to-use features including drop-in paper and cartridge loading

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